Saturday, December 24, 2016

Apple promotes acid burn-proof Iphones through FAKE Videos and sponsored interstitial ads on YouTube using TechRax toadie

Apple promotes acid burn-proof Iphones through FAKE Videos and sponsored interstitial ads on YouTube using TechRax toadie.   



 Viewers began noting that an acid known as FAA - Fluoroantimonic Acid, famous  as "the worlds strongest acid" with a ph of -31.3 (using Hammett acidity function (H0) a calculated measure of acidity for very concentrated solutions of strong acids including superacids) - in a video created and posted by TechRax (link) on Nov 25, 2016


The video is also supported by high-dollar advertisements SPONSORED BY APPLE.  It says sponsored right on the ad. Apple, perhaps, should give a bit of attention to where their advertising money is going.

The (bs) video has received well over 11 million views to date, youtubers and smartphone users have a lonng appreciation for watching phones being contested by the next biggest and baddest thing ever; to devour, crush, digest, break or just  to see what their beloved and not-so-beloved - looking at you Fandroiders -- phones really can survive. Like being dropped to the earth from Outer SPACE (link). 

Thought I was making that up?,  huh-uh.  Hyperbole is not equal to lying, the last link is to a video by TechRax and it's pretty cool.  I'm not all down on TechRax, he does a lot of creative stuff and the video from that stunt is good.  The one I'm talking about is stinky bad.  He has the intuition and sense to know what the public will engage with and this acid stunt was good, but it wasn't right. Unadulterated hogwash rollerscnhapple, to be precise. For the 9 percent of humanity who haven't seen these type of videos, phones can take a lot, and Iphones are especially tough. The best of the best Androids don't beat them very  often. 
I am not an Iphone basher, that said I am decidedly not a fan of certain things Apple has done with the progression of the Iphone and their "closed ecosystem".  I use Androids instead - coming from a Blackberry girl I will say a top quality android is as much  phone as I need.

Personally I'm waiting to see an Iphone up against a speeding locomotive - head on. I found out for a fact just a few years ago, that my car can't beat a locomotive, so I'm not sure about an Iphone can either and I want to know!  After riding out a smash-me-near-to-death train wreck in my Corvette I won't be that gal pink-duct taping a phone to a two by four and sticking it in front of a train.  I'll wait. Some guy dude-bro will do it for me.  :)

Get to the goddamn evidence! 

I heard that!  

In the opening of the video we see in the tender hands of TechRax one plastic bag packed with a protective adsorbent material. TechRax opens it while he's talking about the test he's to perform using "the worlds strongest acid", he pulls out a small sealed plastic bottle (normal for acids) then proceeds to rotate it close up to the camera showing off it's label.

TechRax don't ever expect gullibility to apply to all  youtubers. You get the dipshits and the educated shits too. So being handy with the prnscr button on a keyboard I have brought 'dis forward to place unto evidence. 

Personal note to TechRax here!  This your payment for fucking up.  You got in over your head with this one and you should have studied up a little, if you did and still tried to pull the wool over the public eye it didn't work. I know the standard response to a complaint is "leave it be all she's doing is driving more views my way", well, I'm fine.

I'm telling the truth and your video does not. 

Suck it up and make it right!

Here's the first screenshot, called screenshot #1 for convenience. Crying outloud I don't know that to name it..

Screenshot #1.

ZOOMED - in HD. Cool how I pasted the zoomed layer on top of the original video huh? I did went to college to study art, music, computers, gymnastics, history, and some maths and chemistry too! I got me some talents. Screenshotting everything is the one I'm most proud of.  Def!

Clicking that picture should pop it up full size and you can clearly read the concentration is only 60 - 70% aqueous solution.  Techrax states in his video "this shit is jelly-chunky",  - and that woke me out of my "numbed by this stupid idiotic slumber" immediately. Seeing his peanut butter, I said to myself  "you fucking idiot that's not Fluoroantimonic Acid, you got one short, your jelly bottle ain't nothin' but crystallized shitty antimony" right before I typed that same line into the comment box.  Actually I typed this.

Screenshot #2.

Give me that acid you mean old witch!

Yeah I'm stretching - guilty as charged. I have to find the right shot to post the right shot!!

Here. I don't think you guys appreciate how much effort it is to keep up with the xillion nude pictures I have...phtt

Pay to play ad's. Those aren't Sammies or LG's. Them be Iphones, by Apple and you get them every.time you load the video.  I should never see an Iphone ad on youtube. I haven't had an Apple product since the $4 S. I am a proud proponent of a too expensive for what it is Android phone and I never--ever mention the brand.  I did purchase 4 new I7's and scalp them off on ebay on launch NIB for 3x the cost but I would never use an Iphone.

What next?   Nothing. I could make a video but I don't make videos, so I'm going to  post this and in five minutes  "Apple promotes acid burn-proof Iphones through FAKE Videos and sponsored interstitial ads on YouTube using TechRax toadie"  - will be all over google and YouTube, I don't want  a rukus in my face, so fix the video!

Lol.  Comments below are approved. 

I have no use for blocking or censoring, if you disagree with me, say what's on your mind. I just don't like being lied to through my favorite medium on the internet, this guy went a little too far so did Apple with their "un-targeted" ad's.  I know there are others just as bad but I never watch those videos so I can't speak to them.